About Copenhagen Cutlery

Copenhagen Cutlery A/S is a Danish company that sells cutlery online for private customers in all over Europe. We sell cutlery from all over the world. On the Scandinavian webshops, several hundreds of different patterns of cutlery are available. All provided by respected European suppliers. Copenhagen Cutlery A/S is owned by some of the most experienced people in online marketing and online retailing over the past 10 years, and operated from lovely, bright and inspiring offices in the heart of Copenhagen.
The first webshop bestiksaet.dk was launched in 2011 in Denmark and today we have local webshops in 10 different countries in Europe. You can visit some of our websites here:
cutleryandplates.co.uk, bestiksaet.dk, besticket.se, bestikket.nodiebestecke.de, Couvertsdumonde.fr, diebestecke.at, bestekaanbieding.nl.


Our mission is clear.
“We want to be number one in cutlery”. 

Want to join us?

We are a young and innovative company that have set the goal to be number one in Cutlery and make sure that cutlery in the future will be known as cool designproducts. Our office is in the centre of Copenhagen and is in a cool and open environment with roofterrace, good coffee and nice colleagues.
If you are interested in joining our team in Copenhagen we will be happy to hear from you. Please send a short describtion about who you are and why you think it could be fun and interesting to work in Copenhagen Cutlery.


Copenhagen Cutlery A/S
VAT. No: DK32290426
Phone: 0045 42463181
E-mail: service@copenhagencutlery.com

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